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The Twitch

Ted Banger will do whatever it takes to win the annual bird race by Kevin Parr

Review for The Twitch

The Brits have a great track record of producing novelists with the skill to write compelling dark humour and this first novel from Kevin Parr puts him in good company, with the likes of Ben Elton, Tom Sharpe and Christopher Brookmyre springing to mind. Don't get me wrong the name dropping is not for comparison with style its to help prove my point - the Brits do dark comedy very well. I liked this book from the off, the lead character Edward Banger has a certain charm that makes his subsequent actions seem right whilst they are clearly wrong. Its that appeal that ensured at least in my case that I was firmly on his side. The story gathers pace quickly and I found my self immersed in a world where I am sure some if not all of us have found ourselves - sex and murder aside of course. I refer in particular to the relationship Edward has with his wife and family which is particularly well observed and I found myself nodding more than once at the challenge of raising a teenage daughter. I have no intention of giving away the plot though, the author and Unbound did a good enough job of that during the funding phase and needless to say that was enough to pique my interest in to buying the book. You should too - its a cracking read and if laughter is the best medicine then this book should be stocked by your local pharmacy.