The Trail

By James Ellson

A missing person enquiry leads Manchester DCI Rick Castle to Nepal.

Monday, 23 September 2019

The structural edit

Dear Supporters

Hope you’re well and had a good summer.

Sorry for the update silence – I’ve been beavering with the structural edit.

                When I hit 100% funding, Unbound assigned me an editor. She read my manuscript and then sent me a 36 page document with ‘things you might want to consider’! I went to bed thinking, No Way, but in the morning set to work. It took me four weeks. I sent it back to her, and she read it again. A new ‘TYMWTC’ document arrived. Only 16 pages – progress!

                I worked through it again, and I’m about to send it off to the copyeditor for what, no doubt, will be another flagellation.

                Killing my darlings is of course, hard, but I’m really excited about the developing book.


I’m also working with Unbound on the cover. Writing a shoutline (currently, I like: Three missing. Two deaths. One detective.) and collating images.

The year of no sleep goes on!


Please share the link to The Trail with anyone you think might be interested. It can be pre-ordered at

Thank you



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