The Trail

By James Ellson

A missing person enquiry leads Manchester DCI Rick Castle to Nepal.

Monday, 6 January 2020

Happy New Year!

Dear supporters

Hope you had a good Christmas, and best wishes for 2020.

It's starting with a bang for me! My book will shortly be delivered to you - about a month before the official publishing date at the end of February.

I thought you may be interested in the first reviews:

Paula Hawkins (Girl On The Train)

"Intelligent and pacy thriller . . . a taut, keenly-observed tale of revenge, perseverance and the struggle against injustice."

Stephen Booth (Cooper and Fry crime fiction series)

"The Trail is a stunning debut from an exciting new addition to the world of crime fiction. Ellson combines depth of characterisation and authentic police procedural detail with a talent for evoking a sense of place, particularly in his vivid portrayal of Nepal. An original plot lifts Ellson's first book above the level of most contemporary crime novels. And readers will be longing to hear more from his complex protagonist DCI Rick Castle."

Kind Regards


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Justin Wickham
 Justin Wickham says:

Ha! Well done Jimbo! Can't wait to read it..
What a terrific start to the new decade.
Happy New year to you too xxx

posted 6th January 2020

Margaret Haigh
 Margaret Haigh says:

Congratulations! I am so looking forward to reading it.


posted 6th January 2020

Andrew Halls
 Andrew Halls says:

Brilliant, James - very proud of my former English pupil!
Andrew Halls

posted 6th January 2020

S Ball
 S Ball says:

Fantastic - well done James. What brilliant thoughtful reviews - can't wait to read it!

posted 6th January 2020

Jan Sunman
 Jan Sunman says:

What wonderful reviews- high praise indeed from Paula Hawkins and Stephen Booth.I am looking forward to reading it.
Best Wishes,

posted 7th January 2020

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