The Tomb Guardians

By Paul Griffiths

A new novel by Paul Griffiths

Wednesday, 24 March 2021

G.F Smith and the German Bier Paper

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Thank you to everyone who has joined us. Our first 24hrs of crowdfunding saw us break the £1000 mark, which is a first for us. These updates are where you will see the project evolve. 

German Bier Paper

Today we received word that the fine paper company G.F Smith will be sponsoring The Tomb Guardians. Paper merchants to Virginia Woolf's Hogarth Press, they have taken a keen interest in our little studio for a while now too.

One of the paper mills G.F Smith represent is Gmund, situated in the same region of Germany as Memmingen; home of the painter Bernhard Strigel who, around 1520, painted the tomb guardians that are at the centre of Griffiths' novel. Their Bier paper is made from recycled hops that have been pulped as part of the brewing process. Paul Griffiths suggested the ochres Strigel used in his paintings as a possible colour for the cover of the book, so we have selected their rich Pils shade.

Not only would our Old German guardians have enjoyed a bier in their time, the English meaning provides some tomb related wordplay! 


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