The Third Wheel

By Michael J. Ritchie

Dexter has a complex over the fact that all his friends are getting married and moving in with their partners – but when aliens invade, it puts a lot of things into perspective.

Saturday, 27 January 2018


We did it! "The Third Wheel" is going to be a reality! I am humbled by the support this project has recieved, I cannot thank you all enough for your support and really hope that you'll enjoy the book.

So I am hugely indebted to all of you for helping me achieve this goal. A million thank yous to Chris, Phil, Rachel, Chris, Jackie, Sabrina, Dave, Kevin, Katherine, Pat, Ed, Helen, Katie, Amanda, Caroline, Richard, Jenny, Rachel, Emma, Roxanne, Lois, Aziz, Amy, Karen, Suzanne, Brooke, Christopher, Karen, Laura, Jenni, Jon-Paul, Lyn, Rob, Harry, George, Chris, Tom, Margaret, Mavis, Robert, Graham, Janet, Chris, April, Richard, Sam, Greg, Ellie, Ste, Alex, Claire, Sue, Sarah, Amanda, Merna, Steven, Jenny, Bill, Christopher, Sarah, Brioney, Nigel, Abi, Enrique, Ian, Vicki, Pauline, David, Kirk, Kimberley, Felix, George, Ross, Denise, Anwen, Julie, Gary, Jonny, Kristina, Kristy, Lorraine, Vikki, Marilyn, Richard, Paula, Victoria, Keith, Quentin, Sue, Susan, Lindsey, Lucy, Mike, Suz, Lucy and Adam - I couldn't have done it without you all, and you'll all get your names listed in the book with copies winging their way to you as soon as it's published.

But it's not over yet. Now begins the process of editing to make the book as perfect as possible for human consumption, and I will endeavour to keep you in the loop throughout the coming months as we get nearer to publication date.

Thank you all again - I'm still a bit stunned, but this has been such an awesome experience and I'm delighted you're joining me on the journey!



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