The Third Wheel

By Michael J. Ritchie

Dexter has a complex over the fact that all his friends are getting married and moving in with their partners – but when aliens invade, it puts a lot of things into perspective.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

69%?! Nice!

Hi everyone!

Thanks once more to everyone who has pledged support to my novel so far - I'm happy to say that I'm now sitting pretty at 69% with 72 of you throwing your support behind the project. But time is of the essence now my friends - I have until the end of November to get that final 31% and see the book published. Surely you want that too?

I simply ask, if you've already supported, can you please spread the word, drum up favour and let people know that there's an exciting new book on the horizon struggling to be born, and they can help get it out there! There's only six "Early Bird" options left now, for those who want the book at a discounted rate, and but any support is greatly appreciated.

I love you all, and thank you so much for helping me along this journey so far.

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