The Sussex Devils

By Marc Heal

The Satanic Panic Of The 1980s – A Memoir And A Mystery Story

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

May Update

Book publishers take an enviably relaxed view of schedules. They groove along, swinging their hips in shades and flared pants. Not for them the urgency of the modern world, with its “electronic” mail, and so-called “instant” messaging.

Still, the Sussex Devils edit process is nearly complete now. There have been no major changes, apart from the afterword. But there have been a multitude of copy tweaks and some footnotes. Also, I’ve chosen the font and layout of chapter headings from the selection that Unbound offered me.

The release date is now set for 29th October. It will be distributed by Penguin / Random House. But you, dear contributor, will receive your advance copy in September and your name will go into every edition of the book.  

I had fun at the contributors’ dinner in April, and at the more rock ‘n roll party at the studios. Thanks to everyone who came. I appreciate that there’s a big gap between the parties and the book launch, but that’s just the way it panned out. I might throw another party in London nearer the actual publication.

I’m now waiting for a final draft before the manuscript goes to be typeset. That’s still not quite the end of the edit. I can still make changes at the typeset stage, before it goes to print, but it’s not seen as good form to arse around too much once it’s typeset – it’s more about shifting a misplaced comma here and there.

So, inching towards D-Day. Thanks for your patience.

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