The Surfboard

By Dan Kieran

The CEO of Unbound spends a week in Cornwall building a wooden surfboard to try and work out how to evolve within his company.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Up and running

So it's coming up the end of the first 24 hours and we're closing in on 10%. Thanks to you. Don't doubt the difference your pledge has made. I've watched them all land and it's a great feeling. It's not just buying a book with Unbound. You are making something happen that wouldn't happen any other way. It's liberating as an author, but it's also an exercise in vulnerability too. I'm a big fan of vulnerability though, so I'm all for it. I think you have to be prepared to be vulnerable in life if you want to experience the good stuff we're all looking for. Writing makes you vulnerable. Asking for help does too.

I've now finished the manuscript and been sending it to people I know and admire to get their thoughts and feedback. The first person to read it was Roman Kryznaric, who said some very kind things (his quote made it into the pitch video) and gave me some pointers where he felt I needed to say more (and less). John Mitchinson has read it a few times now and given me amazing feedback at each stage. He's a very wise man John, and a kind but honest critic. One of my heroes, David Hieatt, is reading it at the moment, which is particularly important for me because this book wouldn;t exist without the Do Lectures. Look it up. You should go.

Sending your book out is a really important part of the process of writing it for me. Knowing you are about to send a manuscript to someone you admire usually causes you to re-write large chunks of it. There is something about your book being exposed for the first time in this way that gives you sudden clarity about certain sections you were hitherto unsure about. 

I'll send another update soon about the process I've been through writing the book. Believe it or not the basis of the idea for the book emerged six years ago, but it was only the process of starting and running Unbound that gave me a way to harness it.

More soon. Thanks again for your support. If you know anyone else you think might be interested in it please let them know. Every pledge counts.


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