The Surfboard

By Dan Kieran

The CEO of Unbound spends a week in Cornwall building a wooden surfboard to try and work out how to evolve within his company.

Friday, 24 March 2023

Do Start

Do Start

Greetings wonderful supporters of The Surfboard.

As I'm sure you are all aware, I stepped down as CEO of Unbound a year ago now. Since then I've been busy looking after my smallest children and writing new books, the first of which is out in a few weeks time. It's called Do Start and is a guide to creating and running a business (without letting it run you). I'm really excited about it, because when you launch your own company you are setting out on two journeys. The one to run the business, and another to the edge of what you think you are capable of (something I explored in The Surfboard). It is this second journey that determines whether you are successful or not and, while I've written Do Start with the entrepreneurial journey in mind, the same principle is true whatever job you do. It's published by the marvellous Do Book Company and you can pre-order it here if you're interested.

Love Dan

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