The Sterling Directive

By Tim Standish

An espionage thriller set in an alternative late 19th century London.

Saturday, 30 March 2019

The game's afoot!

Wow! Well the project is off to a great start with 27% of the target raised in the first ten days, which is really heartening for a first-time novelist, first-time Unbounder and even a first-time crowdsourcer.

I didn’t know what to expect and, to be honest, I was pretty surprised when Unbound agreed to take me on as an author. I mean, I think the Sterling Directive is good (but I would say that) and the small group of family and friends who have read it say it's great (but they would say that) but for a publisher to see potential in it is just incredible.

Of course, Unbound are a particular kind of publisher, who use a crowd-sourced approach to fund publication and also to test the market before the book is published. And that’s the scary part for me as an author. It’s like standing at home, ten minutes before a party is due to start. Will anyone come?

Well (luckily!) the doorbell is ringing, and people are starting to arrive, but there is still plenty of room in here and we’ve barely touched the cheeseboard.

So, do please tell your friends, tweet your acquaintances and break the cardinal rule of commuter travel to let complete strangers know that the next thing on their kindle should be a historical-scifi-thriller called The Sterling Directive.

Sausage roll, anyone?

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