The Sterling Directive

By Tim Standish

An espionage thriller set in an alternative late 19th century London.

Friday, 31 May 2019

Half a century, half a century, half a century onward...

Hi everyone! Just getting in touch with some great news on the Sterling Directive front – the campaign has passed the halfway mark – we’re at 54% to be precise. So a big thank you to all of you for supporting the book.

I also wanted to share some more details about the ‘Victorian Verse’ reward. As with the Limited Edition Print, and ever mindful of my artistic limitations I will be calling on the support of a talented friend to help me out. In this case that friend is the poetic genius Dan Simpson.

I’ve been reading and watching Dan’s work for years and I always enjoy the cheeky (sometimes geeky) cleverness of his subject matter (Pacman, clickbait, a poem that might never get out of Beta), perspective and style as a poet. He often performs in atypical places for a poet (railway stations, museums, ferris wheels, conferences and hen parties to name a few of them) and hosts a range of comedy nights including Stand-up and Slam and RPG Quest!

You can see more about Dan on his website and follow him on twitter at @dansimpsonpoet. He’s also certain to be performing at the Edinburgh Fringe this year and well worth catching if you are at the Festival.

So how will the Victorian Verse reward work? Well, Dan is going to write a poem about each of the main characters in the book (Sterling, Patience, Church and Milady) in the style of a Victorian poet such as Tennyson, Wilde, Dickinson or Rossetti.

Pledgers will receive all four poems, each of which will be printed as a limited, numbered edition on high quality paper and signed by myself and Dan. Each poem will contain a fact about the character that doesn’t appear in the book - so not only will you be getting some excellent verse, but you will  have access to Secret Knowledge about the Sterling Directive Universe with which to Tantalise your Friends and Family!

To give you a flavour, here is an excerpt of A. E. Housman as written in Sterling’s alternative Universe about everyone’s favourite ‘tapper’ (hacker), Patience:

From Clee to heav’n the message burns

The wires have seen it plain,

From north and south the sign returns

Our tapper taps - again.


Look left, look right, the hills, the cow

But sees she not this scene

Because tis fifty hours now

She has stared at her screen.


Now, when the task is done, and done

Some secret knowledge learned

Our Shropshire Lass, her victory won

With fingers barely burned.

And, if you’re beginning to like the sound of some Victorian Verse but have already pledged for one of the lower rewards, fear not! You can upgrade or supplement your pledge by logging into your Unbound page and clicking the ‘upgrade or donate’ button.

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