The Sheriff's Catch - End of Day 2

Friday, 19 May 2017


Hi all

Just thought I'd take a break from all the non-stop social media jazz to drop you all a line.

We are now 20 mins away from the end of day 2 since launch and the last couple of days have been...well...a bit silly! I keep telling myself to keep my feet on the ground but trending hard at no. 1 on the leading UK crowdfund platform is quite nuts! Not to mention that we are now well beyond 50% of the crowdfund in just two days, which is absolutely mental. Just mental.

Anyway I'm trying to enjoy the giddy moment before the eventual calming of the waters that will inevitably happen, followed by more crests and troughs.

Thank you all again for the literal wave of support and patronage in recent days and over the years. It gives me further resolve to push on with this campaign and the creative writing itself, which after all is the bedrock of everything else.

Finally just a last line to again request - if you haven't yet managed it - a couple of clicks to help me promote my novel. You simply have to copy and paste the below link into your browser before then clicking on your favourite social media button followed by 'support': 

I only need a mere 13 people to do this and I can then unleash a big fat THUNDERCLAP promoting the novel across all social media over the weekend!

Many thanks again





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