The Sheriff's Catch

By James Vella-Bardon

A man forced to join the Spanish Armada must flee fatal capture in 16th Century Ireland

Thursday, 18 May 2017


Two minutes to midnight and I'm absolutely shattered after late nights spent preparing everything for the launch of the presales campaign of The Sheriff's Catch. We're just two hours short of the first full 24 hours of this campaign and I cannot believe that we are already up to 46% of the crowdfund target! 

I mean I knew that all of my Maltese, Australian, Kiwi, British etc mates were a quietly efficient bunch but this is absolutely ridiculous! Must be a record or something, actually I'll check with the publisher.

Anyway thanks so much again all patrons and supporters for your time and contributions, today was an absolutely magic day. After years spent ploughing a lonely furrow your generosity and good wishes left me positively bubbling with self-belief. I look forward to working hard again at inching us closer towards the campaign target tomorrow (there goes the missus' exciting Friday night, not for the last time, hehehe).

Before switching off I'll end the day with a nod to an absolute icon that the creative world sadly lost today. This is a song that got me through some really tough and dark times that afflict us all, when all we need to do is keep on going.

Thanks again everyone and have a great rest of the day / night, wherever you are.

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