The Sheriff's Catch

By James Vella-Bardon

A man forced to join the Spanish Armada must flee fatal capture in 16th Century Ireland

Wednesday, 6 September 2017



Pardiez! Look what I found! 

Been in a daze for a week and a half, and just reopened the laptop to send my brother-in-law a nightly birthday message. Only to find a reply from Unbound's Structural Editor!

In summary:

Dear James

Well done. This is just great. Bravo.

I'm so impressed with what you've done here. You've really put your back into it.

I can see you've taken on the things I reflected to you about your book but then really made them your own, and improved this book far in excess of anything I might have imagined.

I am just reading it now. You've really done it. You've surmounted the genre which you admire so much and all your painstaking historical research is justified now by your active vengeful antiheroic protagonist.

I am impressed by what you've done. I am more than happy to pass this over to the copy editors now.

Can't believe it, so close now! A gap finally presents itself in the wall and on we rush towards Phase 3! Soon the city shall be ours! 

I asked the structural editor what the copy-editing will involve, and received the following reply:

If you imagine your words being passed through finer and finer sieves.

Well, my edits pick out the biggest lumps, and the copy editor picks out the medium lumps (fact checking; inconsistencies; orphans; obvious spelling and grammar) and then at the end the proof reader finds the tiniest remaining lumps (remaining typos, refined grammar etc).

So you have two more edits to go - copy and proof - neither of which require much from you. Although the copy editor may ask you questions.

More updates to follow so watch this space. Going to be another long night.




PS oh, and happy birthday Luca!

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