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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Presales still coming through, slowly gathering for the next push of pike! Heartfelt thanks to all generous patrons now including the wonderful Steph Demarco, Daniel Bianchi, Nicky Bianchi, Jan Muscat, Kathrina Farrugia-Kriel, Chris Mifsud, Ricardo Vasquez, Peter Saliba, Lorraine Farrugia, Robert Day, Paul Croci and John Zappia!

Thanks so much guys, can't wait for you all to get your special edition patron copy. Just on that, my radio silence has been due to some final fast & furious tweaks I'm applying to my manuscript before it goes to literary boot camp ie Unbound's rigorous editing team. What an education for me and all thanks to you guys.

All too exciting and more updates to follow!

Best wishes



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