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Thursday, 19 May 2016

I had to spend a vast amount of time flying between the UK and Singapore or Malaysia, and then over the USA. Apart from many hours waiting in queues to get Emerates to realise I'm too tall to fit between seats (yes, I have spent 13 hours standing up because they couldn't sort out seat allocations), the time came in extremely useful: I wrote; I got strange looks for reading the "Murder Investigation Handbook" at Dubai Airport; and I even managed to find a way to block out the screams as we plummeted 3,000 feet after hitting an air-pocket somewhere over India.

Business travel also means hotels - a lot of hotels. When travelling internationally, I trust the WiFi connections about as much as I'd trust a chocolate rope in the desert ... which means plently of time looking at a laptop screen and having to do something different to most people when stuck in lonely hotel rooms at night. Writing allowed me to escape.

I can wholeheartedly recommend writing - it gave me somewhere interesting to go when I really didn't want to be going anywhere. I have the plan for book 2 ... here's hoping that it doesn't take so many thousands of miles to complete it!

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