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A thriller exposing how the technology giants and intelligence agencies work together to steal your privacy

As soon as people started to communicate using computers, hackers (both good and bad) have attacked the connections to steal information. Clive, a security specialist, finds hidden communications leading to the discovery of "Shadow Code", hidden and constantly evolving technology that steals information.

Everyone involved in tracing the origins of the shadow code become assassination targets in a story that involves international intelligence agencies and big business. Shadow Code could exist in the real world, and this conspiracy thriller explains how it's not just the collection of data that counts; it really comes down to the ability to search and categorise information that makes it such a powerful tool for governments and espionage.

I am an inventor and futurist: developing security and privacy systems to help protect the Internet from abuse. I headed up mobile futures for the GSMA security forum, am Chairman of the Mobile Data Association and developed the first video broadcast systems for use on the Internet.

After spending some time going through Clive’s history, his family, and MKI, Steve called Mark Lockhurst and asked him to bring some of the site photographs with him.

Mark was the force’s senior analyst. Clive thought that Mark looked exactly as a senior analyst should - tall, bespectacled, suited. Mark had worked for the police as a civilian for most of his career. He had transformed the process of data analysis - and brought the force, kicking and screaming, into the right century at least.

Having worked through numerous confidential and intelligence cases, Mark had a huge amount of experience of dealing with data relating to cases involving the mafia, extortion, fraud, and terrorists. Mark had also developed several analysis tools to improve how police officers could visualise crime scene data. To most people around him, Mark was an extremely valuable and competent, if somewhat geeky, resource.

‘OK’, said Mark in his broad Yorkshire accent, ‘we took some photographs just after fire and rescue cleared the area. I’m only showing you a few of the pictures because I’m only interested in the technology. I’m trying to work out what should be in the picture - and if there’s anything there that shouldn’t be, if that makes sense?’

‘Yeah, perfect sense’, replied Clive, who managed to surprise himself - he actually wanted to see the damage done.


Time to Self-Publish

Friday, 3 November 2017

Thanks everyone for supporting this venture. I think I have given it enough time and shall, therefore, drop out of Unbound and publish directly. Unbound will contact you so that you can claim a refund (or help fund another book) and in the meantime, I shall publish shortly thereafter.

Thanks again for your support.


Airports and travel

Thursday, 19 May 2016

I had to spend a vast amount of time flying between the UK and Singapore or Malaysia, and then over the USA. Apart from many hours waiting in queues to get Emerates to realise I'm too tall to fit between seats (yes, I have spent 13 hours standing up because they couldn't sort out seat allocations), the time came in extremely useful: I wrote; I got strange looks for reading the "Murder Investigation…


Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Firstly, a massive thank you to everyone helping me on this exciting journey. With your support, I may get this novel published. 

I have contributed to other technical books and press articles in the past; mainly centred on the use of computer technologies or security. Shadow Code takes me into the dark world of conspiracy thrillers!

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