The Sewing Machine

By Natalie Fergie

3 secrets. 27 notebooks. 4 generations. 1 blog. Millions of stitches.

Friday, 18 March 2016

Welcome to the Shed

A shed is a wonderful thing - a place to shelter from the wettest of rain, or somewhere to sit and muse about the world quietly. We won't mention the weeding.

So, slip your wellies off and put them on the newspaper beside the door and draw up a chair or flop down on that sofa over there. I’ll put the kettle on for tea or coffee.

This book was launched just ten hours ago on Unbound, and I can't quite believe that we have already reached the 13% mark in our goal to be fully funded and published. I'm saying "our" because this isn't just my project any more. As pledgers, you have helped to turn it into OUR project.

There are twenty four of you, and I would like to thank each and every one for joining me in this adventure. 

Ann Carrier, Sally Atkinson, Amy Taylor, Stefanie Hillen, Duncan Hothersall, Heather McDaid, Gillian Philip, Paula Waters, Cinzia Discolo, Tim Atkinson, Claire Askew, Nicky Prys-Jones, Fiona Pullen, Fergus Muir, Julie Wade, Yvette Campbell, Nic Walker, Clair McCowlen, Fiona Whiteside, Mary Whitehouse, Susan Eiseman Levitin, Susan Sharpe, Ray Blake and Susan Walker.

If you have any questions, go ahead and ask and I'll do my best to answer them.

We need a proper name but for the moment Team 99k (the model of sewing machine in the novel) will do. 

As members of Team 99k I know you want to read this novel as soon as possible, and we can make that happen, so please spread the word among friends and family, tweet it, FB it, and just generally get the word out. 

Now, would anyone like a biscuit?




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Ann Kingstone
 Ann Kingstone says:

Lotus caramel biscuit for me please!

I love the concept of this novel Natalie! It really appeals to my identity as the granddaughter of a professional seamstress. Grandma's treadle Singer was her most prized possession, and my nostalgic memory of it is why all these years later I too own a treadle Singer.

Good luck with your first novel. You deserve it!

posted 18th March 2016

Nicky Prys-Jones
 Nicky Prys-Jones says:

20% now.... Does this mean we can run to chocolate hobnobs?

Great to see you doing this, Nathalie, am really looking forward to reading it.

posted 18th March 2016

Sarah Sandow
 Sarah Sandow says:

This morning I was discussing books and publishing with three intelligent women in a cafe. One is already a member of Unbound! All three cited the importance of the sewing machine experience in their own families., and all wanted to read this book! Of course I gave out the details, so here's hoping. . . .

posted 19th March 2016

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