The Sewing Machine

By Natalie Fergie

3 secrets. 27 notebooks. 4 generations. 1 blog. Millions of stitches.

Monday, 6 November 2017

We have sold HOW many books???

Hello again,

I have very exciting news.

As you know, The Sewing Machine was published on 17th April this year. As an author, I had a vague idea about how the book was selling, but a lot of that was based on hopes and dreams, cautiously tempered with a healthy dollop of common sense. Authors not knowing how things are going is pretty normal across the publishing world, as far as I know. 

There have been positive noises from Unbound, and the occasional hint about numbers, but unlike a self-published author who can gain entry to the techno-gubbins in Amazon's cupboards, it's all a bit mysterious. Or at least it was until last week.

On Monday, (at 22:26 - someone was working very late) the six-monthly statements were sent out. I saw the email pop up as an alert on my phone and scrolled down to click on the PDF file, as you do... and I couldn't believe my eyes. 

The next morning I got my calculator out, and did some arithmetic, and then sent a rather shaky email to Xander at Unbound. Could this actually be true? And the reply came back... Yes, it is.

So although these things are not much revealed, generally, I have permission from Unbound to let you know that we (yes, WE, because this is a team effort between all of you, and the team at Unbound, and myself) have sold more than 10,000 ebooks.
The paperbacks are counted separately and I can only talk about the ebooks... but WOW. 

I know I say this a lot on Twitter and FB, but this is all down to you, and to the wonderful people who have 

  • written an Amazon review (126 and counting)
  • rated the book on Goodreads (487 ratings)
  • told a friend about it
  • bought a copy for someone else
  • stashed away a book to give as a Christmas gift
  • come to an event
  • blogged about the book
  • tweeted (or RTed a tweet)
  • and a myriad of other supporting things

You are all amazing.
Thank you.

Natalie (who is still wandering about muttering 'ten THOUSAND books' in both disbelief and delight).



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Carrie Jo Howe
 Carrie Jo Howe says:

Natalie - I'm going to do everything like you. You're my IDOL. Thank you so much for sharing this! Congratulations.

posted 6th November 2017

Julie Odell
 Julie Odell says:

WOW!!! This is just ab fabulous new Natalie!! WELL DONE!!! I soo loved the book and it deserves so much praise and readership!! xxx

posted 6th November 2017

Rupert Bumfrey
 Rupert Bumfrey says:

Sincerest congratulations.

Your book is top of the pile to be read in 2018 when my year of only reading non-UK based authors concludes on 31st December, 2017.

posted 6th November 2017

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