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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Please Vote in #NotTheBookerPrize

I am delighted and chuffed and honoured that we, Team Sewing Machine, have been included in The Guardian's Not The Booker Prize Long List which was published on Monday.  A hundred and fifty books are on it, and one of them is The Sewing Machine.  The list was created from nominations from the public, so if one of those nominations came from you, THANK YOU!

You know what I am going to say next, don't you?

Please visit the website and vote for The Sewing Machine.  It would be so marvellous to get onto the Short List. 

To do this, you need to:

1. Click on the link, and if you have never commented on a Guardian article before, sign up so that you can comment.
2. Choose TWO books from the Long List.
3. Make sure that they are from DIFFERENT publishers.
4. Type

Vote #1 - name of book
Vote #2 - name of book

5. Add a short review of ONE of the books (you can do both but only one is needed). They are looking for enough to show you have read it, so unlike an Amazon review which can just say "Loved it", this needs to be a little longer. 
6. Click to send your comment. The website will ask you to check it's correct. Click again and that's it.
7. Make a nice cup of tea and eat some cake.

It would be so good to get the book to a wider audience, and for me to be able to very publicly point to all the names in the front and back and show the world how brilliant you all are.

Thank you!


PS  Those of you who recieved a spotty parcel with yarn in it, I hope you like the colour and the squishyness. The Embroidery Thread parcels will be posted at the end of this week. 


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Fiona Whiteside
 Fiona Whiteside says:

My vote is cast - good luck! Are you allowed to vote for yourself do you think? I'm amused reading some of the comments in the Guardian - some people are really irate!

posted 2nd August 2017

Julie Odell
 Julie Odell says:

Just cast my vote! You so deserve this Natalie, I just so so loved your book! x

posted 3rd August 2017

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