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By Sam Smit

Terrorism with a social conscience, a debut novel

Friday, 5 February 2016


Dear Friends,

My apologies upfront for the considerable time that has passed since I last gave an update. Although I realise: one benefactor’s feeling of being neglected is another benefactor’s welcome release from being emailed by the pesky author.

Potato potato.

However, we are now entering into the business end of the process, and there are real, tangible things to report.

When unable to hear the question of a friend in loud surroundings, I now habitually shout back the word ‘June’. It of course runs the grave risk of me seeming a little self-involved, shouting the month of the proposed release of the special edition of The Serendipity Foundation in response to what in all likelihood was a question tackling the sensitive subjects of refugees or climate change. Unbound cannot fault me for my self-promotion.

So, while exact dates are to be confirmed, we still hope that at some point in May, the limited edition hardbacks will arrive through your mailboxes or inboxes. If you have not received an Unbound first edition before, you are in for a treat. Hard backed, ribbon page markers, great original artwork. It’s like a Folio Society edition for novelists who haven't died yet.

An illustrator has been selected and commissioned. I will share this with you in the coming weeks. Next week the finished copy-edit will move on to proofing (making it look great on the page). And then… well, then we will enter a stage where I pretend badly to be nonchalant about everything. “Sam, are you excited about your book coming out?”


For those wonderful people who pledged for the Kidnap the Author level- if you have not already been contacted, you soon will, as we try and find a date in the early summer that suits all those attending. For those who pledged for the release party, we will try to confirm a date soon- I realise lives are busy, and unlike myself, not everyone is planning their year around it. (For those not attending, but feel like they need an event to anchor their year to: you can always upgrade.)

Thank you all for the support.


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Richard Oliphant of that Ilk
 Richard Oliphant of that Ilk says:

Sam, we've never met but I was at your parents wedding (, ok, I arrived late,) so I wanted to say not only that I enjoyed your blog but that the humour in reminds me of them both. In fact, you are an example of their "foncez-y toujours" maxim, which they've both promoted in exemplary ways. One question: 132% funded....does that mean we get rebates ? ;) Good luck.

posted 16th February 2016

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