The Serendipity Foundation

By Sam Smit

Terrorism with a social conscience, a debut novel

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Here they come...

Dear all,

I apologise for my silence (or for breaking it, depending on your perspective). However, after a few issues with the warehouse, the time is nearly upon us to let this novel out into the world. As this message is uploading, I will be handwriting the last of the personalized haikus into books in a style that I hope is the right side of legible. Your limited editions should be in the post by the end of the week. I am dosed up with excitement and terror in unequal but interchanging measure.

Luckily I have been consoled with a few positive early reviews; I may not be unleashing a terrible mistake. But you will be the judges of that. However, if you do find yourselves enjoying it, please do recommend it to others. I have been told it could make a great birthday present. I will also be forever thankful for a positive review in relevant online establishments. Word of mouth will be the success of this book, and you are the most refined mouths I’ve got.

Again- a huge thank you to all who have supported this project. I will see a number of you at related launches and events. (If you have signed up for the launch party or Kidnap the Author but have not received an invite, then shout. You should have done!) I am also at Port Eliot Festival later this month, with more appearances in the pipeline. I hope my path, and the paths of my many generous benefactors, cross soon.


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