The Serendipity Foundation

By Sam Smit

Terrorism with a social conscience, a debut novel

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

And we're off

Well this has gone rather well so far. We’re almost half way, less than 48 hours in. But man, I’ve felt these hours. I’ve spent more time on social media collectively in two days than the rest of my life. I’ve got angry with the percentage marker at the top of the funding page for its refusal to grow. It should be innocent in this process, merely reflecting what has been pledged, but Unbound have created this sleek pie graph that reanimates each time you press refresh, constantly hinting that it wants to push beyond where it last refreshed to.

It’s lucky I’ve already finished writing this book, or I would never get it finished in between all this refreshing.

I could bore your with my least favourite % (29% outstayed its welcome), but that would reflect badly on how interesting I really am (quiet at the back), and seriously make you consider how wise you were in investing in this project- the chance of you recommending the book to friends, all but gone.

So here’s some validation for your support. On Monday there were over twenty pledges from Maldivians in the Maldives. (I’m just big in Maldives, I don’t know why.) Now, I’m no expert in the Maldivian book sales chart, but I reckon that makes me the No 1 bestseller in Maldives this week, which, if we stretch the world of publishing to its most tenuous, makes The Serendipity Foundation a No 1 International Bestseller. And why wouldn’t you want to support that?

Anyway- I will continue to ramble at you, and I hope in time, with you, throughout this process. In the meantime it would be great, if you have such a vice, to follow me on twitter. My handle (?) is @SamIsSmit. I have no idea what will happen to you when you do so, but I can assure you it will be very exciting.

With huge gratitude,


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