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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

We're 83% of the way there! It's been a long old slog but we're closing in on the finish line now. Also we've reached ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY SUPPORTERS, more minutes than there are in an hour but fewer men than there are in an Imperial Roman legion; hopefully this has given you some insight into both how I conceive numerical value and why this crowdfunding campaign is taking so long. Scroll down to meet our newest supporters.

You're very busy and good-looking so I won't waste your time with a long email, so two pieces of news in handy bullet format, quick to read and can be used to shoot me if they're not to your liking:

  • CONQUER A PLANET: a brand-new pledge level, for £25 any living human can obtain the book, plus the right to rename a featured planet however they like. Good for a super-weird present to give someone!
  • COMBINE THIS DISCOUNT CODE FOR INCREDIBLE VALUE: use code 'thecrow' when pledging to shave a nifty 10% off any pledge level. Also works for upgrading an existing pledge! (I think.

SUPPORTERS | Massive thanks to our latest cohorts, listed below with their new job titles and ship assignments:

  • Georgia Wagstaff, Nocturnal Sports Supervisor, The Maygrove Express
  • Anneliese O'Malley, Inflight Magazine Editor, Swindon Supercollider
  • Ian Ward, Robot Dog Trainer, The Shame of Paris
  • Carol Whitton, Union Rep, Devon's Labour


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