The Second Death of Daedalus Mole

By Niall Slater

Daedalus Mole has made some mistakes, but taking a wanted fugitive on an interstellar pub crawl is definitely the second-worst

Tuesday, 17 April 2018


It's been months! Four and a half months, in fact. I'm really bad at this. Scroll down to the bold text if you have a low tolerance for nonsense.

(Mostly unrelated comic from local genius Alex Norris of Dorris McComics)

A quick update: shortly after my last missive I was approached by a stranger on a long train journey out of London. I couldn't make out their face, on account of a pair of dark sunglasses and a russet collar-up trenchcoat with matching hat, and before I could determine anything else I'd been knocked to the ground and they were gone. I later found that a stiff brown envelope had been shoved into my jacket pocket.

On opening the envelope I found a number of politically compromising Polaroids, some Romanian supermarket-brand caffeine tablets, a chewed-up biro and a stack of very familiar-looking papers - the manuscript for Daedalus Mole. I thumbed through it for some time that evening. It had clearly been put through a most unusual device, covering it in red scrawls and a not-inconsiderable volume of blood, and the changes suggested turned out to be significant improvements on the original text.

After that I spent a few days in the Tantrum Lounge underneath my mansion. After a couple of missed deadlines, a number of bottles of Sainsbury's own London Dry, a bushel of limes and two bathtubs of flat tonic, The Second Death of Daedalus Mole transformed from a space-opera-that's-basically-fine to a novel-that's-actually-rather-good. On Monday, April 16th, I put on a blindfold, fumbled my way to a designated drainpipe halfway down the Kilburn High Road and stuffed the updated manuscript inside.


The structural edit is DONE. Things have been reworked, some quite drastically - chapters have been cut and supporting characters banished forever into the void. The result is (thankfully) a much stronger text and something that looks an awful lot like a novel.

The next step is copyedits, which take much less time, and design, which is the fun bit with COVER ART and ARGUMENTS and TEARFUL FISTFIGHTS and BEING ESCORTED OUT of Unbound HQ by LARGE GOONS.

Everyone's custom starships and planets have been crowbarred into the story except for one late responder. If you pledged to rename something and you haven't heard from us, get in touch ASAP to sort it! Other than that, pledges for those levels are now closed. Or they will be shortly.

There is still one last chance to rename the space station at the start of the book, so if you know someone who'd like to be immortalised forever in a very particular way, please let them know!

That's all for now, I think. Laters xoxo


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