The Second Death of Daedalus Mole

By Niall Slater

Daedalus Mole has made some mistakes, but taking a wanted fugitive on an interstellar pub crawl is definitely the second-worst

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Free shipping for the nimble-fingered

Extremely brief update, guys! First of all, we're at 69%, which warrants a giggle. Right, that's it, stop giggling, there's business.


Unbound have had a midlife crisis and abandoned the pursuit of wealth, but since none of them have the location of my secret anarchist commune they're instead offering FREE UK SHIPPING and DISGUSTINGLY CHEAP OVERSEAS SHIPPING (£4 discount) on their books until 30th April.

Use discount code FREESHIPPING to take advantage.

This is cool for THREE REASONS.

That's all thanks very much click here to upgrade your existing pledges if you fancy xoxo Niall

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Damon L. Wakes
 Damon L. Wakes says:

All three things already done! :D

posted 25th April 2017

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