Bloody hell - 90%

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

I genuinely didn't think we'd get this far!

FIRST THINGS FIRST - it's been a couple months since the last update so I have a lot of people to thank. Our latest cohorts are listed below, with their brand-new job titles and ship assignments:

SUPPORTERS (Crikey there's a lot this time)

  • Tom Marriott, Trenchcoat Stockist, C130 Murder Boys
  • Rhian Price, Head Librarian, GDR Books Are Better Than People
  • John Crawford, Chief Sommelier, MVC Saucy Shipment
  • Brian Lunn, Climate Administrator, FS Unprecedented Snowfall
  • Ziggi Kaiser, Memory Management Specialist, PRMC You Didn't See Anything
  • John Dexter, Planetary Redesigner, GMD I Don't Like That Mountain There, Can We Shift It North A Bit
  • Paul Holbrook, Torture Imp, SX Free Blindfolds Available
  • Charlotte Murray, Head of Engineering, RTG What's That Do - Wait, No, Put It Back
  • Philip Middleton, Security Officer, MK None Of That Please
  • Swéta Rana, Space Beast Wrangler, ZPO Menagerie Of Bastards
  • Chandini Murali, Rocket Mining Supervisor, RBF Watch This
  • Simone Libman, Singularity Keeper, XC We Make And Sell Only The Finest Black Holes
  • Evelyn Marr, Financier-at-Large, MMD Useful Connection
  • James Paterson, Information Specialist, OPR Everyone's A Spy If You Think About It
  • Paul Chambers, Subspace Architect, QRM Hauling Space To Where You Need It
  • Chris King, Torpedo Painter, UD Short-Lived Artwork
  • Phrazer Downs, Oblivion Database Manager, JMM We Will Forget It For You Wholesale

THANK YOU ALL. You're a fine and attractive set of people, congratulations on your discerning taste, your dashing charms and your ability to seek out a good thing just before it becomes cool.

Only a couple bits of news: firstly, we're 90% funded (!) which means there's only a paltry few supporters left to join our ranks before The Second Death of Daedalus Mole becomes a real book and I, obviously, rocket to riches and stardom. TELL YOUR FRIENDS SO I CAN FINALLY LEAVE YOU ALONE AND FINISH THE NEXT BOOK.

Secondly, there are FOUR SPOTS LEFT on the Conquer A Planet offer, so if you know someone who's looking for a weird Christmas present just shoot em that way. ->

Thirdly, my disparate set of mostly-useless skills means all I have to offer you in return for being a cool supporter is a HANDY FREE TO-DO LIST - make sure you write out 'be an extremely excellent person' and TICK IT RIGHT OFF because you've DONE IT.

Also if you're a nerd like me who loves video games, here's a separate thing that will recommend you a random game to play off the internet:

FINALLY: in my last update I opened a bracket and forgot to close it. The death threats I received were many, so I will close the bracket here. Thank you.)

from niall xoxo

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Cris Baxter
Cris Baxter says:

So Niall, exactly how much (in GBP) do you need ?

December 12, 2017

Niall Slater
Niall Slater says:

Hi Cris! I've just consulted with T H E D E V I C E and it tells me that the book's only got £341 left to go - by my reckoning that's about 15-20 more supporters. One last marketing push and I can sleep!

December 13, 2017

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