The Second Death of Daedalus Mole

By Niall Slater

Daedalus Mole has made some mistakes, but taking a wanted fugitive on an interstellar pub crawl is definitely the second-worst

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Beep boop

*Cool thing at the bottom of this email alert*

Sometimes I worry that robots have already taken over and they understand that humans are unhappy, but they've noticed that humans cheer up on payday, and that every year humans hold festivals to celebrate numbers going up. So the robots decide to improve morale by emailing us larger and larger numbers as time goes on.


Anyway, the project is 82% funded! Beep boop. I'm thrilled to welcome our latest backers with their new roles and ship assignments:

UPGRADES (These supporters have increased their pledges and secured cool rewards, NICE)

  • Colin Shelbourn, Head of Portraiture, CWG Saucy Sketchbook
  • Daniel Hahn, Captain's Chair, CMC Translate This

SUPPORTERS (These supporters are brand-new and EXTREMELY COOL, THANK YOU VERY MUCH)

  • Natasha Weaver, Navigation Multithreading Officer, ADF Catalogue of Horrible Places
  • An Anonymous Donor, Litigation Co-ordinator, MD Surgical Surprise
  • Liane McNeil, Negotiator First Grade, CMF Diplomacy Whether You Like It Or Not
  • Ellen Robertson, Captain, the Inappropriate Context
  • David G Tubby, Head of Strategy, UID This May Take A While
  • Ste Sharp, Chief Lorist, Angry Beagle
  • Richard O' Brien, Bard-in-Residence, the Ruination for All
  • David Catley, Head Chef, the Ship-Shape One-Stop Lamb Chop and Chip Shop

In the interest of not boring the pants off you with yet another one of these bloody emails, I've built a robot that writes brand-new books for you to read, totally free! Free books, forever! It can only generate titles so far but I'm sure it'll soon make the entire publishing industry obsolete (sorry, Unbound).

Find out the name of your next bestseller. Don't forget to tweet your result!

Thanks for supporting the project guys I owe you all my blood and tears,

lots of love,

niall xoxo

(Photograph © Joseph Chan)

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