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Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Hey everyone! Trungles has sent in his second illustration for the book -- here it is! We're hard at work designing the third. 

SO PRETTY, yeah? This is the Chevalier de la Mort, the Black Knight, whose group of soldiers bedevils the English army as it sits on the borders of France, waiting for Philip of Valois to engage. He comes near the end of the book, but he's one of my favourite characters. And Trung has worked in so much great symbolism into the drawing, *snif!*

All of you who took advantage of my Thanksgiving week comics giveaway -- your packages were mailed on Monday via Priority. Below is my cat, "helping" me pack things up. If you don't receive them by Friday, let me know! For any of you who had trouble getting in touch with me, I'm sorry -- I didn't realise Unbound doesn't have a way for you to message me. In future, if you need to get in touch, Instagram messages works great: this is me!  You can also message me easily on tumblr, or @ me on twitter. The joys of having a rather baroque European name: I'm @alexdecampi pretty much everywhere.

Other fun stuff: if you're a Hanukkah celebrator, or jut enjoy fun, short comics, my friends and I did a Hanukkah Special of our Hells Kitchen Movie Club strip right here on twitter and also here (bigger) on tumblr, until it probably gets flagged. Hells Kitchen Movie Club is a two-page occasional comic I do about Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier) and Frank Castle (Punisher) watching movies together because nobody else will watch Rambo with them. The art on the comic I link above (by Ro Stein & Ted Brandt on lines, and Dee Cunniffe on colours) is especially gorgeous.

And YES, 53% THERE! OVER THE HUMP! Now it's all downhill. As always, thank you so much for your support, please keep telling your friends, and I'll post another excerpt soon!

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