The Scottish Boy

By Alex de Campi

A violent, sexy thriller about a 14th century English knight and his Scottish prisoner, by bestselling writer Alex de Campi and with illustrations by Trungles.

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Final Designs!!!!

Hey everyone -- sorry for the slow updates. I was away on a remote island most of the summer, doing an adaptation that I didn't technically have time for, but I really really enjoyed. Since we last spoke, the Scottish Boy MS went through final edits and copyedits. I have to say how wonderful the whole Unbound editorial team has been. Both my main editor (Scott) and my copyeditor (Tamsin) have made significant improvements to the book via their notes and suggestions, and I'm truly glad to have them.  A manuscript is never finished so much as it's abandoned, but I feel the story is in a really good place now. Of course every time I look over it I have the urge to tweak things but I need to STOP. 

Trung finished all his illustrations and rather than the circa six we promised, we now have TEN, mostly because Trung kept reading the book and finding bits he wanted to illustrate. So, out of thirteen chapters, ten of them will open with full page illustrations, and three will open with maps of locations mentioned in the story. I just finished the maps this past weekend, and now I have about a month's break before I have to start doing the audiobook and putting together all my research notes into the Drunk History 'zine. Below is one of the maps, and a couple illustrations that I don't think you've seen yet! We did everything as full-page black and white, as we wanted it all to read well on Kindle and tablets and other e-readers as well as being nice in printed form.

As always, if you have a friend who you think would like the book, please suggest they pre-order a copy here via Unbound, or share the campaign on your social media (feel free to grab one of the pics below). It's not long until the subscriber list closes! Every order counts, and I'm so, so proud of this story and the production quality we're bringing to the book.

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