The Scottish Boy

By Alex de Campi

A violent, sexy thriller about a 14th century English knight and his Scottish prisoner, by bestselling writer Alex de Campi and with illustrations by Trungles.

Saturday, 9 February 2019


Hi everyone! Sorry for the radio silence, I've been busy catching up on other deadlines and also doing the second revisions on the manuscript -- just finished going through my own paper MS like "ugh can I even English" and next week I start incorporating Editor Scott's notes. (Scroll down to bottom to see what a 500-page paper MS looks like.)

Here's a funny story about that, before I get to the stretch goals announcements. I've been going through the MS, replacing all the instances where I wrote an actual hour of the day (eg 5am) with the proper canonical hour (eg Lauds), because in 1333 that's how people told the time. The church bells would ring the canonical hours, starting at dawn (Lauds), then Prime (1hr after dawn), Terce (3hrs, etc), carrying through to Vespers (sunset), Compline and (around 2am) Matins. That got me thinking about dates, too, and how most major dates would be known as a saint's feast day (eg the Feast of St Martin, marking the beginning of Advent) rather than a calendar day. So on a whim, I looked up the saint's day for October 9, which is the date in 1339 when King Edward III finally invades France on the premise that he, not Philip of Valois, is the rightful French king and officially kicks off what we now call the Hundred Years War. Which leads me to discover that our man Eddie specifically chooses to invade France on the Feast of St Denis. St Denis is the patron saint of Paris and of the French people. That is some SHADE. The meaning of choosing that date (not the 8th! not the 10th!) after they've been dicking around on the Franco-Belgian border for almost two years, is MASSIVE.

Anywhoo, shade existed in the 14th century, my friends. 


Please keep sharing The Scottish Boy on your social media. We can continue taking pledges right up until we print the book, and the more you pledge, the less expensive the book's production is, and also I start to make actual money off it. Which please, it would be nice. To tempt in new backers and incentivise you to keep sharing, we're announcing FOUR stretch goals that will benefit ALMOST EVERYONE who pledged for the book. They are:

125% GOAL: Digital art reward by Maichan and Tsuminoaru! Six full colour artworks illustrating various points in the story. They're all done, already, and the above composite is a sneak peek (to avoid spoilers)!

150% GOAL: Two more illustrations by Trungles! Which will make the book have two illustrations per each of its four sections, and that pleases my symmetry-loving heart. Also, in what world is more Trungles art a bad thing?!??

175% GOAL: 5,000+ word prologue story about Harry as a squire, that takes place before The Scottish Boy!

200% GOAL: 5,000+ word epilogue story about Things Happening After The Book Ends! 

*everyone* will get these rewards, And for the stories, I'll do audio versions of them too. 

So yes, let's keep this going. Oh, and I promised you a glimpse at what Manuscript Hell looks like. Taken in my Tuesday morning coffeeshop writing / drawing sesh, my pal Darryl (creator of the webcomic Secret Garden ) is sitting across from me:


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Atréju Bitter
 Atréju Bitter says:


Is there already an existing tumblr post about "The Scottish Boy"? Cause I'd live to share it but all I can find is the original one, when it was still a fanfiction with all that super lovely art... Love the original art so much! I mean, I also adore the new one and I get that it's much more approbiate, but that picture of Bucky and Steve riding numbnuts? And the one where Bucky is looking up at Steve? Love. Perfection.
Love the change in dates/ times, that's soo damn cool!


posted 11th February 2019

Lindsay Smith
 Lindsay Smith says:

Just that sliver of Maichan's knightly illustration is UNREAL and I cannot wait to see the full artwork. Go, stretch goals, go!!!

posted 11th February 2019

Amanda Fink
 Amanda Fink says:

How is it possible that this keeps getting better???

posted 11th February 2019

Beth Tyerman
 Beth Tyerman says: has a tumblr post that can be reblogged, but fingers crossed we’ll get a version of this on there tomorrow, as this will definitely drum up interest more than me adding a few words. Real incentive to increase my funding amount to get us over the line for the included artworks! (So much hard work involved in a project like this!)

posted 12th February 2019

Martina Seidel
 Martina Seidel says:

i'm worried that i'm thick and don't understand the way stretch goals work. does that mean i buy another book and pledge again? or something else?

posted 25th February 2019

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