The Scottish Boy

By Alex de Campi

A violent, sexy thriller about a 14th century English knight and his Scottish prisoner, by bestselling writer Alex de Campi and with illustrations by Trungles.

Monday, 18 May 2020

Digital art part 1 of 3! Bookplates! Books IN THE MAIL!

HI EVERYONE IT IS ALL HAPPENING! Your books are IN THE MAIL! Here’s a pic of the bookplates while I was mid-signing:

You will all be getting your books very soon. We’ll send a link to the audio version (for those backers that wanted one) in about 10 days (I’m still recording it.) I hope you enjoy them! If you want to recommend it to your friends, here is a link for the UK and here is a link for the US to purchase the mass market paperback in a way that supports local independent booksellers. 

The one thing you can do for the book and for me that helps more than anything else is taking five minutes to leave a good review at Goodreads and/or Amazon (where number of reviews significantly alters the metric of whether Amazon will recommend your book or not). It doesn’t have to be eloquent, just some stars and a “enjoyed it” is fine. Reviewing the work of authors you want to support is the easiest, cheapest way to help us and it makes SUCH a difference to the success of the book. 

Here is part one of our digital art bonus reward! Three pieces by Maichan:


I will post Part 2 tomorrow, Tsumi’s paintings of Iain! There is also a PART THREE of EVEN MORE BONUS ART because I may have tripped and asked my friend Nick Robles to draw a poster for the book’s US release. So there’s a great poster of Harry rather beat up and exhausted, resting after a tournament, that’s coming your way by the end of the week.


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Suze Howe
 Suze Howe says:

Woo hoo!!!!! Can't wait!!

posted 18th May 2020

Marie-Lyne Thermogene
 Marie-Lyne Thermogene says:

I'm so ecstatic for this beyond reasons. I cannot wait to have this goodie in hand after so long of wondering if a book version would grace my shelves!
Thank you for this :3

posted 18th May 2020

Michael Driscoll
 Michael Driscoll says:

I read this all in one sitting and enjoyed every second, thank you so much for putting all the hard work into making this happen

posted 22nd May 2020

Alex de Campi
 Alex de Campi says:

Michael: whoa! That’s a lot of book to read in one sitting (and it’s also the greatest compliment you can pay an author, THANK YOU). I apologise for all the sleep you didn’t get.

Marie-Lyne and Suze: SOON, it is coming SOON! I’ve already seen photos from some backers with the book in their hands...

posted 26th May 2020

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