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The Rubbish Book

By James Piper

A Complete Guide to Recycling

You made The Rubbish Book a reality. It's available in all good book stores now.
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The edition with 100% fewer trees. You will receive a copy of the ebook

Rubbish Tip: Your eReader can be recycled at your local civic amenity site, some councils will collect small electricals that can fit in a carrier bag. The lithium battery can be left inside or recycled at any store that sells household batteries.
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The edition with 100% sustainably sourced paper (no battery required).

Rubbish tip: Book recycling is quite tricky due to the glue binding the pages. Luckily, you will not want to recycle it! Once you have memorised the content and become a recycling expert, you can give it to a friend or donate it to a charity shop.
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The edition with 100% sustainably sourced paper and a scribble at the front, which may even be worth something one day! You will receive a signed first-edition paperback and the ebook.

Rubbish tip: This rarest of collector’s item will never be thrown out or given away, no recycling tips needed.
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Two's company

The reward with 200% sustainably sourced paper and double scribblage at the front. You will receive two signed first-edition paperbacks.

Rubbish tip: The ultimate carbon saver – two books, one delivery! Just make sure you hand deliver your friend’s book to them.
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Posted poster

The recycling’s on the wall! This reward comes with an A3 art print of the books cover art. You will receive a poster, a signed first-edition paperback, the ebook.

Rubbish tip: Posters can be recycled with normal paper recycling. The ink is removed as part of the recycling process and the paper is pulped ready to be made into new paper.
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Infrequently asked questions

Your chance to help craft the book! Ask your burning recycling question; your question will be added and answered in the book. You will also receive a signed first-edition paperback, the eBook and your name in the back of the book.

Rubbish tip: avoid asking “what is recycling?”, that will be answered on page one.
Only 10 available
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Trash talk

Join the author at an actual recycling plant near you (anywhere in mainland UK)! James will accompany you and a friend for a day, exploring the weird world of recycling and talking you through the process. You will also receive four signed, first-edition books, the eBook and your name in the back of the book.

Rubbish tip: Pick a pal who shares your passion for plastic (or aluminium; the recycling plants are much more exciting!)
Only 5 available
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Your name printed in a special section in the subscribers' list thanking you for your support, plus 10 signed first-edition books and the eBook.

Rubbish tip: The ultimate recycling hero!
Only 3 available
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Corporate patron

A special full-page dedication for your organisation printed in the front of every edition of the book - or contact us about other opportunities - plus 20 copies of the signed, first-edition paperback and the ebook edition.

Rubbish tip: The ultimate recycling company!
Only one available

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