What happened to all the music?

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Someone has asked me about the background music in the Rebels’ Riot Feast promo video. That got me thinking… I’m wondering now if I should make the novel more musical. I don’t think there’s a single note of played in any of the scenes I’ve written so far. And yet, when I look back on my years in Buxton (1996-2006), the music drowns out pretty much everything else. I blame music for ending my first marriage, for kick- starting my second one, and for fuelling (ok, beer may have been involved too) many a misdemeanour on the road between the two. To me, Buxton and music are synonymous. As for that soundtrack in the video, it’s a recording of an Irish tune called Banish Misfortune, bashed out in a recording studio at the top of Hall Bank and featuring some of the town’s wonderful folk musicians. It’s one of the only recordings I’ve got that features me on tenor banjo; and the energy of the two fiddles – ace Tom Kitching and the sadly departed Sean Heeley – and the bodhran (Irish drum, c/o Reed Weir) is terrific. The fact that the tune ends just as I stop talking was a lucky coincidence rather than a carefully planned piece of video directing. What I really needed for the soundtrack was a recording of the song I’m describing at that point in the video – the one with the lines ‘This is the rebels’ riot feast: humanity must be debased!’ in it. But recordings of bull baiting songs are mercifully thin on the ground, and I didn’t have the time (i.e. couldn’t be bothered) to record it myself on my portable 4-track. So I opted for that two-fiddle-and-bodhran led blast on the video. So, I think I’ll go back to the Rebels’ Riot Feast manuscript and insert music. A few street musicians at the very least. It might also brighten up what is, I must confess, an often gloomy portrayal of Ye Olde Buxton, with lots of wind and rain and suffering. I don’t want to put the tourists off. To get me in the mood, I've attached the video music as an audio file. Please share it and point people this way: the sound of new pledges will be music to my ears!

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Paul Sullivan
Paul Sullivan says:

Hmmm... appear to have stripped out the paragraph html in that post. Sorry about that.

February 19, 2016

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