The Quiet Fan

By Ian Plenderleith

A fast, funny, emotive memoir showing how most fans really follow football.

Monday, 4 July 2022

The Quiet Fan - the follow-up...

Dear reader,

I did promise in my last e-mail that I wouldn't bother you again, but in the very act of typing this message, that promise is turning into a brazen lie. Some of you will know this already - for those of you who enjoyed The Quiet Fan, I have a new book out next month (August 8) about my refereeing experiences in Germany: Reffing Hell: Stuck in the Middle of a Game Gone Wrong. You can pre-order it here from Halcyon Publishing (couldn't face crowd-funding through Unbound a second time, even if they'd wanted me - which they probably didn't after I completed their author survey), a small but excellent independent publisher. Free postage on UK pre-orders.

This really is the last time I will mither you. Unless I'm lucky enough to publish another book...

Once again, thank you so much. Ian

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Kelly Young
 Kelly Young says:

In this case I’m glad you’re a bald faced liar. Can’t wait.

posted 5th July 2022

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