The Quiet Fan

By Ian Plenderleith

A fast, funny, emotive memoir showing how most fans really follow football.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Making 'The Quiet Fan' happen by converting to paperback

Dear loyal supporters,

After funding for The Quiet Fan almost reached 50%, things went rather quiet. This occasionally happens with Unbound books, and when it does they sometimes agree with authors to publish their books in e-book/paperback editions only. As I was definitely not born to crowd-fund, this seems right for me.
The major upside is that an e-book/paperback edition requires less cash to back it, and so we have - thanks to your generosity and belief in my writing - already reached 100%. This means that I’m very happy to announce that The Quiet Fan will be published by Unbound sometime in 2018 - I will keep you updated as soon as I know more.

I will also be adding two tickets to a Launch Party for everyone who pledged for the hardback edition. All those who pledged for memorabilia, signed artwork and postcards will of course have their pledges fulfilled. The Launch Party promises to be an evening of surreal trivia, Lincolnshire-inspired poetry, surprise gifts, unexpected non-celebrity appearances, and unbridled bibulous activity.

I am extremely grateful to all of you who have backed The Quiet Fan so far. I hope that when the book arrives in your postbox or on your iPad at some point over the coming months, you will feel that the investment has been worthwhile. This book has taken half a life-time to evolve. Thanks to you, that process is almost at its happy end.

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