The Quiet Fan

By Ian Plenderleith

A fast, funny, emotive memoir showing how most fans really follow football.

Friday, 26 May 2017

Interview and another excerpt

Dear Supporters,

Thank you for tolerating another update. Just wanted to alert you to another excerpt from The Quiet Fan, posted today by When Saturday Comes magazine, pertaining to the 1984 Scottish Cup Final. That was the day when, as a soft and very quiet Rangers fan, I was trapped in the Celtic section and forced to show the appropriate emotions in the midst of a crushing hangover.

The football culture website In Bed With Maradona has also interviewed me about the book here, where I talk about the need for football "to be covered and consumed from a saner perspective", and propose that "the perceived extremes of love and hate are way beside the point of football". And a few other things, like the "huge challenge" of crowd-funding a book...

So, if you have a second, I'd really appreciate it if you can please keep spreading the word to anyone you think might be interested. 

Many thanks, Ian.

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