The Quiet Fan

By Ian Plenderleith

A fast, funny, emotive memoir showing how most fans really follow football.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Edits done, now mulling cover versions

Dear quiet fans,

It's been a while since I've updated you, and if you're like me and groan whenever you see anything corporately branded in your inbox, then you're probably thankful for that. Nonetheless, I feel it's time for a quick message because one or two people have politely enquired, "Where the **** is my book?"

Since the turn of the year The Quiet Fan has undergone a stringent and highly professional three-stage edit - structural, copy and proof-reading. Seriously, you wouldn't believe how many times three different editors can save your hide in terms of style, content, grammar and accuracy. This is the third book I've had published, and it's definitely been the most thoroughly revised. Needless to say, the final text is much, much better for it (for those of you tempted by self-publishing).

So, the publication date has been set for August. I am now 'in talks' with Unbound about the cover, an issue we will hopefully resolve soon to everyone's satisfaction (especially mine - I still have restless nights about the cover on the US edition of Rock n Roll Soccer).

Thank you for your patience. Hopefully the next and final update will be to let you know that your book's in the post.


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Nathan Duin
 Nathan Duin says:

Looking forward to it Ian.

posted 11th June 2018

Michael Smith
 Michael Smith says:

I can't wait to see it. As a follower of the Blackburn Rovers and the Shaymen of Halifax, I fully understand the need for quietness to be polished in order for it to be effective...

posted 11th June 2018

Susan Curran
 Susan Curran says:

Where the ****is my book?

posted 11th June 2018

Susan Curran
 Susan Curran says:

Looking forward to it, by the way.

posted 11th June 2018

Neil Ruane
 Neil Ruane says:

I only bought it for Braddy's artwork and to prop up a wonky coffee table ... so where the fuck is my artwork and I'm billing you for the stains in my carpet

posted 11th June 2018

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