The Quiet Fan

By Ian Plenderleith

A fast, funny, emotive memoir showing how most fans really follow football.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

A summer appeal and The Quiet Fan blog

It's summer. It's quiet. Many people switch off their computers, and that's a good thing. It also means stagnation for crowd-funders. When the sun's shining, who wants to read emails asking you to pledge money? I freely admit that I usually press 'delete'.

Still, I'm going to appeal to you, my loyal supporters, to try and persuade just one or two football fans in your wider circles to buy The Quiet Fan. That way, maybe one day you'll stop hearing from me. And they will of course benefit from reading a fervent, funny and philosophical book about the only game that matters.

In the meantime, as some of you have seen on Facebook, I've set up a Quiet Fan blog. It's all original content, but has the same aim as the book - to entertain the reader with a combination of anecdotal wit, nostalgia for long-forgotten matches, and a certain measure of thought about why we spend so much time pre-occupied with a game so rarely executed in the way that we'd like.

A huge thanks once again to all of you for having backed this project. Please continue to enjoy the summer. Ian 


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Nathan Duin
 Nathan Duin says:

We are sitting here staring at Lake Superior, listening to Triac (Italian ambient trio, you may enjoy them Ian), so, yes, summer is a not peak pledge time. Pretty sure I am supposed to be doing some summer school work with our youngest too. Regardless, I'll alert some of my fellow Minnesota United FC hardcores.

posted 27th July 2017

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