The Pyjama Myth: The Freelance Writer's Survival Guide

By Sian Meades-Williams

Every single freelance writer is winging it. Sometimes they're even doing it while wearing pyjamas.

Thursday, 8 October 2020

All of the right words in the wrong order

Hi everyone,

An update on The Pyjama Myth has been a long time coming! I’ll give you the short version: the first draft is complete! I’ve been bribing myself with cake every 5000 words. As a writing tool I really recommend it.

The longer version of this update is that the first draft needs a lot of work – more than the initial optimistic deadline that I set myself allows. Writing through a pandemic and dealing with a bout of mental health issues recently mean that I need a little more time to get those words into top shape. There’s a really great book in that draft, one that’s more intricate and involved than my initial outline, and I really want to explore this fully.

So a little more time is what I’ve got: a few more months before I submit this version and get to work on it with the good folk at Unbound. I hope that I’ll be working on the development edit with Unbound early in the new year, which pushes publication back a little. I know that this time will make for the best and most useful book that I can write for freelancers.

Thanks again for all of the support and cheerleading, it really means a lot.


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Mandy Ward
 Mandy Ward says:

Thanks for the update. I know what you mean about edits!! I've got one book almost ready to print and if I said I'm scared I'll miss something obvious is an understatement!

Well done for getting this far. My book 'Get That Job' a guide to help Job Seekers (perfect timing!) is 18000 so a walk. Keep going.

Best wishes

posted 8th October 2020

Danielle Jones
 Danielle Jones says:

Well done on the first draft! I know the finished product is going to be absolutely amazing. Take care of yourself and I’m absolutely stealing the cake incentive for my own writing goals!

posted 8th October 2020

Sarah Marland
 Sarah Marland says:

Thank you ❤️ for the update! I am very much enjoying your Thursday jobs emails in the meantime. Keep well & keep eating cake.

posted 8th October 2020

Sian Meades-Williams
 Sian Meades-Williams says:

Thanks so much for these lovely messages, everyone! xx

posted 9th October 2020

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