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All of the right words in the wrong order

Thursday, 8 October 2020

Hi everyone,

An update on The Pyjama Myth has been a long time coming! I’ll give you the short version: the first draft is complete! I’ve been bribing myself with cake every 5000 words. As a writing tool I really recommend it.

The longer version of this update is that the first draft needs a lot of work – more than the initial optimistic deadline that I set myself allows. Writing through a pandemic…

On celebrating the small things

Monday, 23 September 2019


There's a huge mountain to climb when you're crowdfunding. 100% funded is the end goal - the book doesn't happen otherwise. It's a huge way to the summit and the significant points along the way: your first ten supporters, then 20%, 40%, 75% – are all steps towards that huge goal. And because it's such a long journey – The Pyjama Myth is 42% funded as I type this – it's so easy to whoosh straight…

30 tips for becoming a better, happier freelancer

Friday, 9 August 2019


Hi Pyjama Myth supporters!

I've been crowdfunding for a whole month now, and it's absolutely flown by. Your support means the world, this book literally cannot happen without you. Last week on Twitter I wrote a series of tips for becoming a better, happier freelancer. Here they are, with some extras added for that all-important Added Value Content.

1. Your freelance writing career won’t look…

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