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Wednesday, 26 May 2021

The relief when you finish a huge project is palpable. Hitting send on the book manuscript felt exhausting and brilliant in equal measure. My to-do list was finally free of the thing that had been lurking on it for months! I could play video games without the nagging feeling of guilt dragging me back to my desk.

You've already had the email telling you that the book has gone into the development…

All of the right words in the wrong order

Thursday, 8 October 2020

Hi everyone,

An update on The Pyjama Myth has been a long time coming! I’ll give you the short version: the first draft is complete! I’ve been bribing myself with cake every 5000 words. As a writing tool I really recommend it.

The longer version of this update is that the first draft needs a lot of work – more than the initial optimistic deadline that I set myself allows. Writing through a pandemic…

On celebrating the small things

Monday, 23 September 2019

There's a huge mountain to climb when you're crowdfunding. 100% funded is the end goal - the book doesn't happen otherwise. It's a huge way to the summit and the significant points along the way: your first ten supporters, then 20%, 40%, 75% – are all steps towards that huge goal. And because it's such a long journey – The Pyjama Myth is 42% funded as I type this – it's so easy to whoosh straight…

30 tips for becoming a better, happier freelancer

Friday, 9 August 2019

Hi Pyjama Myth supporters!

I've been crowdfunding for a whole month now, and it's absolutely flown by. Your support means the world, this book literally cannot happen without you. Last week on Twitter I wrote a series of tips for becoming a better, happier freelancer. Here they are, with some extras added for that all-important Added Value Content.

1. Your freelance writing career won’t look…

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