The Pumilio Child

By Judy McInerney

A dark Renaissance thriller exposing one of history's most depraved secrets

Monday, 4 April 2016

Rigorous research

First of all continued thanks to all the people who have pledged for The Pumilio Child. I really do appreciate your support.

I am really enjoying my research trip to Mantua. I had the most wonderful guide, an eminent art historian called Lorenzo Bonoldi who tailored a wonderful day specifically around the nine year period when Mantegna was painting the frescos in the Camera degli Sposi. He persuaded the staff at the Palazzo Ducale to take a bas relief out of storage which features Ludovico Gonzaga and his wife Barbara of Brandenburg.  What a privilege! The images show Lorenzo explaining the end images of the bas relief which show the profiles of Ludovico and Barbara.

I can't claim to be completely virtuous though, as I am spending a vast amount of time eating my body weight in delicious pasta. I have so far managed to avoid maccheroni con lo stracotto. I’ll try most things but frankly eating donkey is a step too far, so it won’t be featuring in any pledge menus. And all that Sangiovese won’t drink itself...





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