The Private Life of the Diary

By Sally Bayley

From Pepys to Tweets: a history of the diary as an art form

Friday, 12 December 2014

Teenage Diary Writing Workshop

Hello Unbounders! I am looking to fund a teenage diary writing workshop; the idea is to go into state schools and offer a writing workshop using fictional and real diaries in order to encourage budding teenage writers to find a sense of voice and identity in the practice of diary writing. I think of Dodie Smith's stunning begining to 'I Capture The Castle': 'I write this sitting in the kitchen sink.'  Dodie Smith's protagonist, Cassandra Mortmain, diariest, proves that diary writing - and just writing - can be done anywhere, in any time and place. Keeping a diary is about keeping in touch with yourself and the world around you. The diary writing workshop will encourage teenagers to move away from the scattered forms of social media and try to consolidate a sense of voice and identity in a more contemplative form of self-knowledge.

Pledges gratefully received to support this endeavour.

With best wishes


Sally Bayley

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