The Private Life of the Diary

By Sally Bayley

From Pepys to Tweets: a history of the diary as an art form

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Book Art Commission from Mikaela Liotta inspired by the Journal of Sylvia Plath

Dear Unbounders,

A very happy spring to you! Thank you for your kind support of The Private Life of the Diary, which is now in the production stage. Please do continue to tell your friends and family about the book. Pledges are still available.

The book is scheduled for publication early 2016: the diary season!

Meanwhile, I'd like to share with you a special commission to compliment my book from a very alented young book artist, Mikaela Liotta. Mikaela will be producing a book sculpture piece and some smaller pieces inspired by a passage from the early journals of Sylvia Plath, written when Plath was 17 and launching herself, privately, as an artist.

Mikaela's work will stand in as a pledge for my book. Here are some examples of her book art: Enjoy! And more to follow soon.

Warmest wishes



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