The Power of Soft

By Hilary Gallo

How to get what you need and still be nice

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Where's my copy? What's taking the time? When is the Party? How can I buy more?

It's so nice to be constantly asked these questions. I'm pleased to say that I now have some answers that are more than vague guesses. Yes, you can have a copy soon and yes, you should get it, if you order it here, for Christmas.  

The manuscipt is in edit and I have agreed a plan for the next few months with Unbound. The great news is that The Power of Soft will be published in the trade in January. Penguin Random House have taken it as their book for January and their sales team will be bringing the book to general public release to a high street bookshop near you in the very early new year. The even better news is that the subscriber's edition will be available before that, in December. This not only means that we can have the launch party in the December, it also means we will have the book for Christmas. Sorry to wave the mistletoe around so early but this does solve a present buying problem in my family at least and maybe yours also. Ordering a copy here is the best and your quickest way of getting hold of a copy. If you've had a payday recently or want to treat a friend, maybe now is the time to invest. 

The launch party has sold out and it should be quite an event. If you have a big family, have lots of friends or are just a thoroughly marvellous and generous person you can still pledge for ten copies, have me sign them all for you and get a pair of tickets to the party thrown in all for the sum of £250. 

Over the months to come you will be able to see the power of the Unbound model in action: you have helped to fund a project that as well as having a special limited subscribers edition from unbound will also be sold through the normal trade channels. Your name will be in the shops too!

In the meantime I'm working on the rest of my part of the bargain. The editing process does take a while but is absolutely essential and the feedback I am getting now is already making a big difference. As soon as we have completed the to be published version - which should be by late summer/early autumn - there wil be a small print run of proofs which will be circulated to drum up press and other interest. As the media editor of a major newspaper told me a few weeks ago; there is currently huge interest in this area waiting for good books to take us forward. The Power of Soft aims to explode into that crevice of interest in glorious technicolour. 

Hilary - 28th April 2015   

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Alexandra Lloyd-Jones
 Alexandra Lloyd-Jones says:

Thank you Hilary was just wondering , you popped into my head yesterday. Am looking forward to the finished work. Alexandra

posted 1st May 2015

Hilary Gallo
 Hilary Gallo says:

Thanks Alexandra. I do so enjoy being able to pop into your head like that!

posted 1st May 2015

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