The Power of Soft

By Hilary Gallo

How to get what you need and still be nice

Monday, 6 March 2017

The Very Latest...

It's been just over a year since The Power of Soft was published and alot has changed in that time - both out in the world and I'm guessing with you. Certainly alot has changed here.

Two strong but unexpected themes emerged from the book. One that is becoming clearer now is the realisation that war is all around us - not real war with guns but the concept of it - in our behaviour and in the langauge we use. I am concerned that we are closer to the divisiveness of war than we realise.

Make Words Matter is a project I'm leading which aims to raise awareness of war language in public life - for example when we say the are "fighting" this or "battling" that. Make Words Matter is asking the question whether this is helpful or whether it is just a horrendous waste of our perfectly good energy. Our aim in asking the question is to also open up a discussion about what we might do instead. If you like this project you can join up on the website and/or follow us on twitter and if you are free next Monday the 13th in the evening ask us if we still have space at an event we are running. I am also speaking at the Byline Festival in June and if you want to come to that there is a special code of  SPEAKERGUEST to get a 50% discount. 

The other theme - which was clear early on in the book - is fear and its pervasive influence on us. Friday Club is a thing I set up with Alison Sayers to do our bit about fear. Its a three hour workshop and we've now run it enough times to both refine it and to know that we want to make it available to all. By the end of the workshop we have you in dialogue with your fears and its a poweful experience some people are beginning to come back for. We do it not for profit and inassociation with the marvellous Conway Hall. The next one is in May and if you get in soon there are still a few early bird tickets left.  

In the meantime this has just funded and if you haven't seen it already you might like it - I've done work with Daniele and Creative Social and they really know how to unleash creativity in all of us. 

All my best,


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