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Monday, 9 October 2017

Sincere thanks to those of you who have kicked off with pledges. I am well ahead of schedule and on my final chapter but thought this might be of interest. I've listened to a lot of poetry being read online, because there is plenty to listen to, but it has really stunned me to discover just how variable the quality of the readings are. I could point you to a reading of Paradise Lost, for example, which is just plagued by end-stopping, and there are some seriously well known readers! 

However, one resource I really like, is this version of the 1805 Wordsworth's The Prelude, which the English faculty at Cambridge have produced, because you can follow a transcript at the same time as listening. Sophie Read's reading of book nine (how apt is that) is just exemplary. Perfection. I was able to help them make some minor edits too because I was reading and listening unusually carefully. It's amazing how a computer, and a bit of cutting and pasting, can maul a poem.

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