The Plagiarist in the Kitchen

By Jonathan Meades

The first and only cookbook by ‘the best amateur chef in the world’

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Own an original Meades

As well as writing books, making films about places  and stealing other peoples' recipes, Jonathan Meades also makes art. 
In January  2016 he will be mounting a one man show at the Londonewcastle Space in Redchurch Street, Shoreditch. The show will comprise works on paper and canvas. They will vary in size from A3 to 3 metres by 2 metres.
He comments:
This stuff is a continuation - and, evidently, a magnification - of the non-naturalistic idiom first essayed in Pidgin Snaps (Unbound 2013): a combination of photography, painting, collage, froissage and digital legerdemain.
It is the antipodes of that approach which puritanically shuns enhancement.
It is genetically modified, botoxed, and out of its skull on beta 2-adrenergic, clenbuterol, methylhexanamine, tetrahydrogestrinone.
Unbound are delighted to offer a limited run of a print entitled Adieu, Francis Le Belge.
It is available in a limited edtion of 10 signed and hand-numbered, fully archival inkjet A3 prints with screen printed glaze. 
They will be proofed and approved by the Coriander-Curwen Studio.
They are exclusively available from Unbound at the Print level of £120.



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Kevin Donnellon
 Kevin Donnellon says:

how can I buy a copy of Adieu, Francis Le Belge print?

posted 28th August 2015

Caitlin Harvey
 Caitlin Harvey says:

Hi Kevin, there's a print level on the main project page, or you can pledge on this page directly:

posted 2nd September 2015

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