April progress

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Hello everyone...just a fleeting update, in case anyone thinks I've taken the money and run.

I've been beavering away, and putting some of the final touches to the editing out here in France. It should all be polished off in the next couple of weeks or so. And then, well...

I'll be getting in touch with people in mid May to start fulfilling those pledges (no exclamation mark required).


Year zero: post funding

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

So...sneaking a first update into 2017 before it's sat on by 2018:

For those not aware - I began researching The Passing Tribute in autumn 2015, concluding with a freezing sejourn in Austria and Italy in January the following year. Really, freezing. I first set pen to paper in February and then worked fairly solidly on the novel until the end of this last summer. That has got me to the end of the…

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