Why fear stops us writing

Friday, 14 October 2016

There are lots of things that stop us writing. A common one is fear. I remember hearing Cheryl Strayed talk about her work and the issue of self-censorship. Her novel ‘Wild’ is about how she walked 1,770 km along the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada in 1995; her mother had died and Strayed’s life was imploding. When it was published in 2012, ‘Wild’ quickly went on to The New York Times Best Seller list and Reese Witherspoon optioned it as a film. Strayed said she wouldn’t let herself give into the fear when she was trekking, nor when she was writing: ‘Fear begets fear.’

I had butterflies myself launching the crowdfunding campaign to get ‘The Pagoda Tree’ but now I am so pleased that I pushed through it. We are now in pre-production. Artwork is being finalised and we have a publication date confirmed: 08 June 2017. Keep it free if you are in the UK as there WILL be a London launch! When I get further details on when my wonderful supporters can get their special copies, I will let you know.

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Publication date: June 2017
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